Best charging cable brands in the Philippines

Looking for an new alternative cable aside from your original one? did your dog chew it up? did it break? or is it just too short in length for you? These are the top 3 aftermarket cable brands you can buy for your Android/iPhones in the Philippines.

anker.PNGQuick pro tips: USB 2.0 or 3.0, the charging speed is the same. USB version only affects the data transfer capabilities of cables. What you want is the actual quality of the cable itself: if its strong enough(Tensile, torsional, and bending strength) and if it can handle higher amounts of power(wattage) without overheating or even catching on fire. Quick Charge support is also dependent on the charger itself, as long as the cable allows a decent amount of wattage through it.


anker2.PNGAnker (Link to Lazada) One of the leading USB charging brands in America and they are also selling products here in the Philippines. Their products range from simple USB cables, to powerbanks, chargers, earphones, and speakers.

They have three main variants of their cables. Powerline, Powerline+ and Powerline+ II. Each with increasing cable quality and price. The powerline is unbraided while the Powerline+ and Powerline+ II are braided. The Powerline+II  is also a bit thicker and has a supposedly better lifespan the Powerline+ (and has a lifetime warranty compared to Powerline+’s 18 months)

The MicroUSB version only comes in powerline variants at 300 pesos, while the USB-C and Lightning version comes in all variants(Powerline is called Powerline II with Lightning)

I would suggest getting the middle variant Powerline+ as it offers decent protection and price. Get the braided 0.9 meters USB 2.0 type-C version here (with 18 months warranty) at 760 Pesos.


Aukey.PNGAukey (Link to Lazada) One of the leading global brands in mobile tech accessories, and they have great offers here in the Philippines. Their products are similar to Anker, USB cables, powerbanks, chargers, etc.

They have unbraided and braided variants and offers microUSB, lightning and USB-C cable types, and have a more affordable price offering than Anker. Their 6.6 ft MicroUSB cable only sells for 350 pesos while Anker sells their 3ft cables for 300 pesos.

I would still suggest getting the braided variant as it offers more protection from bends and insulation from heat. Get the braided 1.2 meters USB 3.1 type-C version here at 600 Pesos.


Tronsmart.PNGTronsmart (Link to Lazada) – Another global leader when it comes to mobile accessories. Their products are also in the same forte as Aukey and Anker. With their own lineups of cables, powerbanks, and chargers.

Out of the three brands in the list, Tronsmart is the most affordable, still without scrimping on the quality. They offer 3 packs of their braided USB-C cables here at 636 Pesos (1ft, 3.3ft, and 6ft, one of each), getting you quality braided cables for the price of one Aukey or Anker cable. For double the price you can get a USB 3.0 variant of the 3 pack for faster data transfer rates but currently it’s out of stock.


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