Best CPU coolers (Air and Liquid) in the Philippines | Nov 2018

Updated November 2018.

Overheating problems? Looking to overclock? or just want to replace that ugly stock cooler of yours? Here we list our top cpu coolers that you can buy locally under 3k PHP for air coolers and under 5k PHP for AIO liquid coolers. Price reference is from PCHUB.

Air Coolers under 3000 Pesos

IDCooling DK-03 (PHP 400)
The DK-03 almost costs nothing at 400 PHP and yet it delivers more than enough cooling for your processors. It isn’t for heavy overclocking but for those looking to replace their stock coolers with a better looking and performing one, the DK-03 is the best choice. It has two versions, one for Intel and one for AMD. It comes in Blue or Red LED variants.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 (Single LED Fan PHP 1880, Dual LED Fan ‘Turbo’ PHP 2120)
For years this has been the go-to budget air cooler for many, and it never gets old. The Hyper 212 is the best budget air cooler to get right now. It costs PHP 1880 for the single Red LED fan and PHP 2120 for a ‘Turbo’ fan version that has Red LED fans on both sides of the cooler for a push/pull setup.

Noctua NH U12S (PHP 2930)
For a max budget of PHP 3000, this Noctua cooler is simply a beast. Well designed heatsinks and fans, plus its insanely quiet. This is clearly the best cooler to get performance wise. The only downside is that the brown-like aesthetics and the lack of RGB or LED lightning isn’t for everyone.

Honorable mention: It’s bigger brother NH D15 is arguably the best air cooler right now, and it costs around PHP 4330.

Cryorig H7 Quad LUMI RGB (PHP 2999)
The Cryorig H7 Quad also maxes out our budget at PHP 3000, and is a great balance over performance, and aesthetics. It still provides exceptional cooling performance while offering beautiful RGB lightning on the fans, the heatsink, and the underglow of the whole cooler.

AIO Liquid Coolers under 5000 Pesos

IDCooling Frostflow and Auraflow series 120mm and 240mm (PHP 2200 – 4000)
The original Frostflow comes with Red, Blue and White color and LED variations and has 120mm or 240mm radiation versions.


The Frostflow+ and Auraflow has a different cpu block LED style. The Frostflow+ comes in white only including the non-LED fans and perfect for white themed builds. While the Auraflow sports RGB LED fans on both the fans and the cpu block. They also come in 120mm or 240mm radiation sizes, with a special snow version for white builds. They provide great cooling that can rival top liquid coolers, plus with great aesthetics and affordable prices.

Honorable Mention:
Corsair H100i v2 (PHP 5660)
– Just 660 short of our 5000 budget, the Corsair H100i v2 is our current top choice for liquid cooling. Performance wise it is the best 240 mm AIO liquid cooler out there. It looks beautiful even without fancy RGB lightning, but you can always add your own RGB fans, preferably from Corsair as well.




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