World’s first foldable smartphone announced, not by Samsung.

Royole corporation yesterday unveiled the world’s first flexible AMOLED display equipped device at an event in Beijing, the Royole FlexPaiExpected to sell at around $1,200 (64k PHP) to $1,900 (100k PHP). It will be powered by a new generation Snapdragon SoC with an Adreno 640 GPU inside, another first for the industry. Plus 8 GB RAM and 256 GB ROM expandable with MicroSD. This may be the new Snapdragon 855 or 8150.


It boasts a 7.8 inch flexible AMOLED screen with a 1920 x 1440 resolution and equipped with 16 MP + 20 MP with f/1.8 aperture size cameras. It uses USB type-C and will have Android Pie at release with its own Water OS 1.0. The battery is a little bit underwhelming at 3800 mAh.

It was available on a flash sale in Beijing for 8,999 (64k PHP) to 12,999 (100k PHP) and will ship by December. Outside the flash sale, a 6 GB RAM equipped developer kit is available for pre-order on their website, $1,588.00(85k PHP) for the 128GB ROM and $1,759.00(95k PHP) for the 256 GB ROM.


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