Best PC cases under PHP 5,000 in the Philippines | Nov 2018

Updated November 2018.

Cases are arguably the most important aspect of your computer when it comes to aesthetics and they also help in the overall cooling of your system. Taking aesthetics, features, and pricing into consideration, we list our best system cases under 5k PHP. Prices are from PCHUB and Rakk Gears PH.

Best cases under PHP 5000



Cougar Panzer (ATX, mATX, ITX)

Combining a rugged, military inspired, heavy duty look with a modern tempered glass design, the Cougar Panzer is a pretty solid case. It supports up to 8 fans and up to 360/280mm radiators. Has a PSU shroud and excellent airflow. I’d also recommend the bigger brothers Panzer-G and Panzer Max, but they come at a slightly higher price at 5000-6000 PHP.

Price: PHP 4,440


Phanteks Eclipse P400 (ATX, mATX, ITX) and Eclipse P300 (ATX, mATX, ITX)

Phanteks joins this list with the sleek duo cases the P400 and the P300. They both come with tempered glass side panel versions. They feature RGB lighting integrated into the case, a free LED Strip, and of course a PSU shroud. The P400 has a bigger size, a full tempered glass side panel that extends to the PSU shroud and has more mounting options for fans and radiators. It supports up to 6 fans (300: 4 fans) and 360/280mm radiators.(P300: 240/280mm)

Price: P400 at PHP 4,450 | P300 at PHP 3,340


Inwin 303 (ATX, mATX, ITX)

The Inwin 303 has a very sophisticated design. PSU mount at the top, three top fans facing the side panels and another three at the bottom. A recurring staple in modern cases: tempered glass side panels, but with a convenient screw-less mechanism. Its the best case to showcase your RGB components and fans. Supports up to 7 fans and up to 360mm radiators.

Price: PHP 4,340



Tecware Vision (ATX, mATX, ITX)

Stylish tempered glass on the sides and front(with side air vents for better airflow), PSU shroud, supports up to 6 fans and radiator support to 240/280mm. As a nice bonus it also includes 4 free RGB fans and controller, meaning the actual case can be just around 2k PHP as the fans alone can cost close to 2k pesos. Elegant looks with decent cooling and mounting options, the Vision is simply a great case at an affordable price.

Price: PHP 3,750



Tecware Nexus M (mATX, ITX)

If you have a budget build, and that usually means you are getting a mATX motherboard, you’d have to get the minimalist but still beautiful Tecware Nexus M. Nothing comes close to this with the features it brings and the price it offers. At 1.6K PHP you get a tempered glass side panels, PSU shroud, 6 fans support, at a small form factor. It comes with different color configurations as well.

Price: PHP 1,600



Rakk Hawani (ATX, mATX, ITX)

This looks like a 7k PHP Corsair 460X at first glance, but it’s really a Rakk Hawani. Tempered glass side and front panels but at only 1.9K PHP. It proves that you don’t need a premium budget to have a premium looking case. For budget-centric builds, it allows you to push your components to the limits. It supports up to 6 fans and 240mm radiators.

Price: PHP 1,995


Didn’t made the list: Corsair, NZXT, Cooler Master and Fractal have some really awesome cases but they are typically in a much higher price range and aren’t really that affordable.


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