Two ways to kill the notch

There has been mixed reactions from consumers to the notch ever since it was first introduced with the iPhone X. Most of the market responded by copying Apple’s design, some making it smaller. Some basically didn’t care, Samsung chose to forego the design. Others came up with some ingenius solutions; Xiaomi with the Mi Mix series skipped the notch entirely and positioned their selfie cam at the bottom instead, while Oppo and Vivo introduced automated pop-up mechanisms that hid the front cams until needed, as well as the new ‘teardrop’ notch design.

Samsung’s upcoming tech

Samsung new display

Taken by twitter user @Universeice

As tweeted by user Ice Universe, During the OLED conference forum in China, Samsung has announced a new AMOLED technology that can fully hide front facing sensors: FoD(Fingerprint on Display), (SoD)sound on display, HoD(haptics on Display), and UPS(Under panel sensor – cameras). This is without using notches or bezels. We’ll likely see this as early with the Galaxy S10 or Note 10,  though it’s possible that this is still for the coming years ahead. Samsung may be right with their decision to forego the notch.

The rise of slide phones

There seems to be a simple, but long forgotten feature that they are now bringing back hopefully to also kill the notch: Sliding mechanism. The early 2000s were filled with these type of phones predominantly from Nokia., ranging from hiding just the cameras, screens, keypads, to full qwerty keyboards.

It started with the Oppo Find X, but it was fully automated with a motor inside, it wasn’t very fast and convenient. When it broke there’s no option to manually slide it. Starting with Xiaomi and Honor/Huawei, the simple solution is to go fully manual. With Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 and the Honor Magic 2, no more notches, just slide your phone to reveal the front cam and sensors.


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