Best gaming monitors in the Philippines | Oct 2018

Updated October 2018.

Today we will list the best gaming monitors available here in the Philippines for every category, taking price and performance into consideration. We will also include great alternatives and budget options if deemed necessary. Price reference taken from PCHUB, and EasyPC.

24″ 60Hz
27″ 60Hz
Ultrawide 21:9 60Hz

24″ 144 Hz
27″ 144 Hz
Ultrawide 21:9 144Hz

The best 24″ 60Hz gaming monitor

23MP68VQ.jpgLG 23MP58VQ – Technically a 23″ 75 Hz screen, This LG monitor offers the best value for your money at around just PHP 7700. It features thin bezels as opposed to the thick bezels of its 24″ counterpart, it packs an IPS LED freesync capable panel and can be overclocked to a much smoother 75 Hz.

Price: PHP 7,700
IPS LED freesync | 23″ 1080p 75Hz | 5ms response time

24″ 60Hz Budget alternative


SpecterPro SP24SL – the 24″ 60Hz IPS Monitor is truly a budget monitor at only 6250 Pesos. Most of its competitors are at 22 inches, some are even sporting a TN, 900p/768p panel. This takes the cake as the budget 24″ gaming Monitor.

Price: PHP 6,250
IPS LED | 24″ 1080p 60Hz | 5ms response time

The best 27″ 60Hz gaming monitor


BenQ GC2780H – The 28″ IPS thin bezel monitor is a steal at its price, it features a 28″ screen and a remarkable VA panel that has decent response time, good viewing angles and accurate colors.

Price: PHP 8,740
VA LED | 28″ 1080p 60Hz | 5ms response time

The best 60Hz ultrawide gaming monitors

LG29um58LG’s ultrawide UM series Monitors – LG’s ultrawide offerings are really the best when it comes to ultrawide 21:9, games look more immersive, movies fit the entire screen instead of having black bars on the top and bottom.

They come in three sizes. the 25″ 25UM58 which is similar in height to a normal 21.5″ monitor. The 29″29UM58 which is comparable to a normal 16:9 24″ monitor, and the 34″  34UM58 which is like a wider 16:9 27″ monitor.

IPS LED freesync  25″ 2560×1080 75Hz 5ms response time PHP 10640
IPS LED freesync  29″ 2560×1080 75Hz 5ms response time PHP 14990
IPS LED freesync  34″ 2560×1080 75Hz 5ms response time PHP 20970

The best 24″ 144Hz gaming monitors

HKC M24G1F – hkc1080p24.jpgNothing beats the HKC M24G1F when it comes to price, performance, and looks at the 24″ 144Hz category. The gaming oriented curved VA panel monitor runs at 144Hz and has a 4 ms response time. It beats the price of well known competitor brands such as Asus, BenQ, Samsung, and Acer.

Price: PHP 11,160
VA LED CURVED freesync | 24″ 1080p 144Hz | 4ms response time

24″ 144Hz Budget alternative

spectrepro144hz.PNGSpecterPro G255SL – The best budget 144Hz monitor that you can buy. It boasts a 25″ TN screen with a 1ms response rate with thin bezels and a low profile stand. If you really want to have experience gaming at 144Hz but has limited budget, this is your best option.

Price: PHP 9,999
TN LED| 25″ 1080p 144Hz | 1ms response time

The best 27″ 144Hz gaming monitor


HKC M27G1Q – It is sitting at the usually TN 1080p 144Hz price range with PHP 16320 which is genuinely a steal for its price. As a nice bonus it sports a VA LED panel with freesync support. The only catch is the 8ms response time which isn’t that noticeable anyway.

Price: PHP 16,320
VA LED CURVED freesync| 27″ 1440p 144Hz | 8ms response time

27″ 144Hz Budget alternative


HKC-NB27C2 – It’s HKC again with another entry in this list. The NB27C2 is very similar to the HKC M27G1Q, a 144Hz VA LED curved freesync panel. The only difference is the lowered 1080p resolution, which is a good and a bad thing, your games will run smoother at a cost of decreased pixel density.

Price: PHP 12,900
VA LED CURVED freesync| 27″ 1080p 144Hz | 8ms response time

The best ultrawide 144Hz gaming monitor

Predator_X34Acer Predator X34P – The 34 inch, 3440×1440 120Hz IPS monster is the best ultrawide gaming monitor you can get right now. It is priced a bit lower than the Asus PG348Q while still having all the important features and great quality. It has G-sync as well, although I think it doesn’t matter at high refresh rates anyway.

Price: PHP 59,990
IPS LED CURVED| 34″ 3440×1440 120Hz | 4ms response time


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