Mocute 058 Review – The perfect Android gamepad?

Today we will review an android bluetooth gamepad called the Mocute 058 or Mocute Mirage, I got it from Shopee at an affordable price of PHP 578.00. This is basically my dream android controller and ordered it as soon as I saw it listed online, it took around two weeks for the gamepad to arrive.


Compatibility and Battery
The bluetooth 3.0 device supports android phones with displays from 5.5 inches up to 6.8 inches, 140 to 192mm length, and up to 13mm thick. You can use it even with bulky cases like Spigen. I have tested it on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with an Spigen case and it fits nicely with room to spare. The 400mAh battery can hold around 40 hours worth of playtime at full charge.

In-Depth Analysis
It’s currently my favorite android gamepad, having used the Switch/PSP looking iPEGA-9087 and countless PS/Xbox looking gamepads with clamps, I would say that this is the PERFECT android gamepad for mobile gaming. PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Mobile Legends, even NBA 2k works perfectly,  and what I mean by perfect is that this the ideal control scheme to play mobile phone games. I used the Octopus gaming app, available on Google Play to bind my buttons to the touchscreen controls.

The problem with most controllers is that they include an additional right thumb stick, which is not very accurate for shooter games and useless for most mobile games (like Mobile Legends or Racing games). The Mocute 058 instead allows you to use your phone’s touchscreen as usual by making the right hand side devoid of any joysticks or face buttons, as touch aiming is still more accurate for online shooter games, similar to using a trackpad or mouse.

On-screen touch buttons on numerous games are dynamic and too many to bind, thus in it’s difficult to bind with the Octopus if you are fully relying on buttons. It’s more comfortable and natural to just use touch buttons on the right hand side. It is very similar to the left handed gamepads like the Xiaomi Black Shark gamepad and the FlyDiGI Wasp. Just with more buttons and a better thumb stick design.


Access to ports

The Switch/PSP looking gamepads have this issue where the charging and audio jacks are inaccessible, while the PS/Xbox looking controllers with clamps have typically imbalanced/weird weight distribution and no convenient access to the touchscreen.  This is not a problem with the Mocute 058, as the phone is well distributed at the center of the gamepad, with easy access to the screen, as well as holes at the right side to plug in your charger and 3.5mm audio jacks.

Build Quality and Ergonomics


It features a left thumb stick that has a premium feel, much like a console thumb stick. Left shoulder and trigger buttons, 4-directional buttons and an extra trigger to the right. The right trigger is a nice bonus as it is usually the fire/shoot/accelerate button on console games. The retractable mechanism seems durable and strong enough to hold my phone in place, and it has an ergonomic design that slightly curves the back part to fit your hands. It also has hollowed out pattern that is supposed to help in dissipating heat from your device. If mobile gaming is your thing, then I’d definitely recommend giving Mocute 058 a try.


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