10 gigs of RAM? Xiaomi announces phone Black Shark Helo


Xiaomi has just announced the follow-up to it’s gaming phone Black Shark with the Black Shark Helo. The original Black Shark was released in April 2018, a mere 5 months ago.

As 2018 still hasn’t had enough of snapdragon 845 phones, the Black Shark Helo features a snapdragon 845 processor, an AMOLED panel with HDR support compared to the Black Shark’s LCD panel, with the same resolution at 1080 x 2160. It is available in 6GB or 8GB RAM with 128GB Storage, as well as a remarkable 10GB RAM with 256GB Storage. It retains its refresh rate at 60Hz unfortunately, and also retains its 4000mAh battery, QC 3.0 support, and 12 +20MP / front 20MP cameras.


It adds RGB lighting on the sides and back, much like the Razer Phone 2, still without a headphone jack, an odd choice for a gaming phone. It also includes a gaming controller that improves upon the first one, now with right side track pad and buttons which will be more suited for shooter games like PUBG Mobile. It is expected to cost around PHP 30,000 when it comes to the Philippines.


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