What the R in XR stands for, according to Apple

Lots of phones, different naming schemes. Do they all have meaning? Some are still similar to the no-non sense scheme Nokia has used when it dominated the market, the 3310 and the 7650, some adds letters to the numbers like Oppo A3s, Huawei P20, and Vivo V11. but what do those random letters mean? brands like the OnePlus 5, Google Pixel 2 just make it simple and add numbers to indicate the generation of the phone, but all they tend to do one thing similar: Add some letters or words to denote different or higher versions of the same phone. OnePlus 5T, Google Pixel XL.

Some of the names have an obvious logic in them, XS Max and Galaxy S9 Plus, indicating a bigger size. iPhone X, pronounced as ‘iPhone Ten‘, Huawei P20 Pro, indicating a higher level of performance over the P20. What about all the extra S that we’ve seen in the iPhone models for years?

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller told in an interview with Engadget, they don’t actually mean anything at all. The S and R in the new iPhone X models don’t stand for anything. Starting with the 3GS, all of the iPhone models except the iPhone 7 have been upgraded to their respective ‘S’ models. While the S in 3GS meant Speed, and the S in 4S meant Siri, it looked like they ran out of explanations for the succeeding phones.


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