Snapdragon 675 announced

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 675, a mid-range chipset, it is an octacore that features two high clocked cores at 2.0GHz plus six 1.78GHz. Compared to the 2018 flagship 845’s Cortex-A75, it is instead based on the newer Cortex-A76 microarchitecture, that is used by Huawei’s new Kirin 980.

It includes Quick Charge 4.0 and triple camera support. As well as enhanced gaming performance.

Snapdragon 845 Snapdragon 675 Snapdragon 636 Kirin 980
No. of cores Octacore Octacore Octacore Octacore
Clock freq 4 + 4 cores
(2.8 GHz + 1.8 GHz)
2 + 6 Cores
(2.0 GHz + 1.78 GHz)
4 + 4 cores
(1.8 GHz  + 1.6 GHz)
4 + 4 cores
(2.6 GHz + 1.8 GHz)
Architecture Cortex-A75 Cortex-A76 Cortex-A73 & A53 Cortex-A76

With this announcement, the lines between flagship, and mid-range gets even more blurrier. The Snapdragon 636 already outperforms the 2016 flagship SoC Snapdragon 821. While this probably won’t outperform 2017’s Snapdragon 835 performance wise, this still is a decent upgrade with all the new features.


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