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Shadow of the Tomb Raider 34% off after 1 month, reviews take a hit

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was just released a month ago with a 80% positive user review rating. But just this week, the ratings have dropped to a 67%, thanks to a surprising week-long sale: 34 per cent for the standard edition(from 2,779 pesos to 1,834), and 47 per cent for the special Croft edition(from 5,025.50 pesos to 2,686.63)

Steam user Ath3na reviewed the game “I pre-ordered the game and after one month of the released date there is a 47% sale. WTF this will never make me pre-order any more Square Enix / Edios-Montreal games ever again”

Shadow of the Tomb Raider reviews

Sales are usually well received, they offer cheap and affordable prices for games that you otherwise won’t purchase at the original price. Understandably, this is one of the rare cases where just a month-old game with good ratings goes on sale with a huge discount, angering early adopters or pre-orderers.


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