How to stream and play PC games to your Mobile Phone

As if streaming your PC games on your living room TV at the comfort of your couch is not enough, Valve has recently released the Steam Link app for Android, available as a BETA on Google Play Store

It allows you to stream your PC games, over wifi (5 GHz connection recommended) to your android phone, with the option of using an android bluetooth controller(recommended) or using your phone itself as a touch controller.


While it works for any game as long as it is on steam (you can also play non-steam games by adding them as shortcut on steam), It is best used with third person, RPG, and sports games like Grand Theft Auto V, the Tomb Raider series, Assassin’s Creed series, The Witcher 3, and the NBA 2k series. Aside from gaming, you can also control your desktop using your phone.

To set it up, head on to your PC and open Steam, go to Settings ->  In-Home Streaming


Check ‘Enable streaming’

and toggle ‘Balanced’  to client options.

You can also set a Pin Code to secure your computer from being used by other Steam Link users in your network.

Now open the Steam Link app on your android device(download it on Google Play)

Click Settings -> Computer to scan for computers in your network, select your Computer and enter the pin code on your PC when asked. (5 GHz wifi connection is recommended)

Go to Settings – > Streaming to configure the stream. toggle ‘Balanced’, Video Streaming ‘Enabled’ (Disable it if you intended to use your mobile phone as a touch controller only and still play on your main display, useful when friends come over). Audio Streaming to Stereo and Input Streaming to ‘Enabled’

Go to Settings – > Streaming ->Advanced. Enable or Disable Start Streaming Desktop to stream your whole PC or strictly steam only, Set Bandwidth Limit to ‘Automatic’, resolution limit to 1600×900 (running at 900p makes it smoother), and ‘Enable’ HEVC Video to improve performance on modern phones. Enable Performance Overlay if you want to see network statistics while playing, useful for troubleshooting.

Click Start Playing. You can now enjoy playing PC games on your mobile phone.



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