Check out these cheap mechanical keyboard caps I got from Shopee

I’m not a keyboard enthusiast or a hobbyist myself, but a few weeks ago I was looking at my 2014 Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard and can’t help but notice that some of the marks were already fading away. Irritated by the worn out marks but hesitant to buy a new keyboard, I looked online for replacement caps and found that Corsair is indeed selling them but for a hefty amount. $29.99 or around 1500 Pesos, almost as expensive as a budget mechanical keyboard!

I looked online and found a listing in Shopee that sold “PBT Keycaps Backlit Double-Shot Keycaps” with the description “This 104 keys keycaps for Mechanical Cherry MX Switch, made of high quality PBT material.” for just around 430 Pesos per set, just exactly what I needed.


I ordered two sets, one gray and one red so I could mix them up with my existing caps, and they arrived after almost a month of waiting. They fit my board nicely except for the bottom row near Space, as Corsair’s spacing in that part is not standard size. Still I managed to come up with a layout that I like, keeping the bottom row original while using gray and red with it. I used this site to plan ahead my keyboard layout of mixed colors.

The key caps are really good for the price, they are also backlit compatible. They rival my original keycaps in build quality and even has better resistance against finger oil residue due to its PBT(Polybutylene terephthalate) material.



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